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Service commitment

Service commitment

1. Pre sales services:

① Free field survey for customers, provide project consultation, drawing design, project budget and relevant technical information.

② Take the customer as the center, provide the customer with many kinds of feasible schemes, for the customer to choose and get the excellent scheme of customer satisfaction.

2. Service in sale:

① Production shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant national standards, the whole process control of product quality shall be carried out in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system, and the relevant terms of the contract shall be strictly observed.

② Free delivery, installation, debugging for customers, fill in the quality acceptance form, complete the technical guidance for customer use, maintenance and general troubleshooting.

3. After sales service:

① Warranty service: the equipment performs three-year free warranty lifetime maintenance, quickly and quickly provide customers with the required services. After the warranty period, the equipment maintenance only charges material fees, excluding labor costs.

② Telephone service: set up a customer hotline to deal with the problems in the process of using the equipment at the first time.

③ Software service: provide free consultation and software version upgrade for customers. ④ Guarantee service: establish customer files, provide follow-up service for customers, and provide annual inspection and regular warranty for customers free of charge.

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