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Newsletter: Golden Tiger Group's 2014 marketing elite autumn development training ended successfully


On October 4, 2014, the "Golden Tiger Group 2014 Marketing Elite Autumn Development Training Camp" was opened in Nanchang Cuilin Golf Resort. More than 100 marketing elites from various provinces, cities and district offices (branch offices) Spirit and high passion participated in outreach training. The general manager of the company Xiong Shulin came to the site to guide the expansion training. Xiong Yanlin, vice president of marketing, led all the students to participate in the expansion training throughout the course. During the training, all the students actively participated, carefully summarized and shared together. Through two-day and one-night expansion training, students have further established a team spirit and cooperation awareness of mutual cooperation, mutual support, daring to take responsibility, and brave struggle; improved internal communication and information exchange capabilities of the organization; established a positive, enthusiastic and harmonious organization Atmosphere; enhances students' sense of identification with organizational goals, corporate culture, and growth with the company.



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