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Golden Tiger Group: 2019 New Year's message



The age sequence is always easy, and Hua Zhang is getting new. The new year opens new hopes and new journeys carry new dreams. At this moment of resigning from the old, the Golden Tiger Group extended its New Year's greetings to the leaders who have cared for the development of the Golden Tiger cause, friends from all walks of life, as well as marketing officers across the country and all employees and families fighting in various positions. Greetings and best wishes!
The past 2018 was a year in which the Golden Tiger Group maintained a good development momentum. In this year, Golden Tiger people focused on the strategic core of "transformation, innovation, quality, service, and brand". Under the situation of no obvious increase in market demand and unprecedented fierce competition in the same industry, the construction and upgrading of technology in the industrial park of science and technology, the transformation of enterprises In the face of the three major tasks of accelerating and market development, the group works together to overcome difficulties and move forward! The company once again won the sales revenue and social contribution of the first in the industry in the country, the sales of smart intensive racks and bookshelves in the same industry in the country, and the sales of smart bullet cabinets in the same industry in the country, once again refreshing its own record. In this year, Jinhu Group became a national pilot enterprise for the integration of the two management systems, and a pilot demonstration enterprise for intelligent manufacturing in Jiangxi Province. It also launched 2 provincial key new products, more than 10 new product developments, and added patents and software. More than 30 copyrights. The company also established Jiangxi Intelligent Metal Furniture Engineering Research Center and Yichun Skills Master Studio.
The past 2018 was a landmark year in the development history of the Golden Tiger Group. The Golden Tiger Technology Industrial Park has all been put into use, marking the beginning of the Golden Tiger Group ’s high standards, strict requirements, and new development. It also marks the Golden Tiger Group ’s road to smart manufacturing development. The group has an industrial base of national first-class R & D platform, equipment digitalization, product intelligence, modern management, marketing network and customized service.
The achievements are achieved by the support and help of leaders and friends at all levels, and by the pioneering and innovative spirit of Jinhu marketing officers and all employees, and the stubborn and hardworking professionalism. Here, Jinhu Group expresses its heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels, friends and Jinhu people!
The Xiongguan Mandao is really like iron, and now it is moving from scratch! On the road of continuous development, the Group has become a national high-tech enterprise, a Jiangxi province technology innovation demonstration enterprise, a national quality benchmarking enterprise, a Jiangxi province intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise, a Jiangxi province manufacturing individual champion demonstration enterprise, and a leading enterprise in China's metal furniture industry . However, the survival and development of the enterprise is a relay race that never ends, and if it does not progress, it will retreat or even be eliminated! In the new year, the Group will take a broad international perspective, forward-looking business ideas, always grasp the pulse of the market, listen to the voice of customers, and focus on the development strategy of "transformation, innovation, quality, service, brand" as the core, and adhere to the two. Newly-integrated new industrialization road, full implementation of the "excellent performance, people-in-one innovation, quality and efficiency increase" operation management model, focusing on the transformation from manufacturing to creation; from pure pursuit of profit to create value for users; from a single variety, pure Provide products to be customized to multiple varieties and provide integrated solutions, achieve greater results in transformation and innovation, quality improvement, market development, etc., and realize the value of "repaying society, contributing to mankind, working hard, and harmonious across the world" pursue!
Looking back at the past is encouraging and inspiring; looking forward to the future, the blueprint is beautiful and the responsibility is on the shoulders. The Golden Tiger, who has been baptized for forty years, has continuously pursued and surpassed in order to realize his dream, paving the way for his struggle with hard work and sweat. Jinhu people must not forget their original intentions, continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of "integrity, dedication, dedication, innovation", continue to learn advanced experience; continue to consolidate and expand the market; continue to carry out technological and management innovation; constantly improve product quality and technical level; Advanced humanized products and intimate services are presented to customers and work hard to "make a hundred-year golden tiger and create a world brand"!
In 2019, let us gloriously set sail and enter the rapids! 2019, let us compose a new chapter and create brilliant again!
Finally, I sincerely wish the motherland, the country, peace and prosperity! I sincerely wish the Golden Tiger Group brave the tide and prosperity! I sincerely wish all leaders, friends, marketing officers, all employees and their families a happy job, a happy new year and happiness!
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January 28, 2019

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